1. EBA: Q) What does an Energy Bill Analysis do?

A) An Energy Bill Analysis takes the last 12 months of your energy bills and looks at trends, cost by energy type, total energy cost, and provides ways to lower your energy bill.

2. EBA: Q) Why should I get an Energy Bill Analysis?

A) We provided $140/month savings for a family after our Energy Bill Analysis identified a high water bill, and they got it fixed. While savings will vary based on your situation, we provide recommendations you can use to lower your energy bill substantially.

3. EBA: Q) I don't live in Huntsville, Alabama and want an Energy Bill Analysis - how can I get one?

A) We can do an Energy Bill Analysis wherever you live, anywhere in the world, provided we have your energy use and cost information.

4. EBA: Q) I don't want to show my account information, or have you see past-due amounts - what do I do?

A) We take our customers' privacy seriously, and only need to see the energy use and cost each month. Your address helps us ensure that your report is more accurate, but is optional. We can simply look at the energy use and cost each month on your energy bill. In the future, we will have an online tool with this option, but for now, contact us and we will ensure we only see what we need to see.

5. EBA: Q) How do I get my energy bills?

A) You can login to your online utility account, call your utility company and tell them you want to send your energy bills to Retcon Energy, LLC, or call us at (256) 656-7654 and we will have a call with you and the utility to get your energy bills.

6. Building Evaluation (BE): Q) What is a Building Evaluation? Why should I get one?

A) In our Building Evaluation service, we do a walkthrough of your home/building, get info about heating/cooling and major appliances, ask you questions about use, and provide recommendations to lower your energy bill. Combined with our Energy Bill Analysis, you will have substantially higher energy savings.

7. SI/Energy Audit: Q) What is a System Inspection/Energy Audit?

This sounds worrying, like it is tax time or something. A) Our System Inspection is an Energy Audit that provides an in-depth look at your home/building's ability to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The Energy Audit involves a door blower test, ducting test, examination of your doors, walls, windows, and attic space and provides a report with comfort and energy saving recommendations.

8. SI/EA: Q) Why is your Energy Audit $500? This seems expensive!

A) Our $500 Energy Audit provides you detailed ways to improve comfort and lower your energy bills, with savings that will be much greater than the cost. Many other Energy Audits are 2X-3X more expensive, but ours is $500 to keep if affordable and because we don't have the high overhead expenses of our competitors.

9. Home Inspector vs Energy Auditor: Q) I've heard that a home inspector does energy audits, so what is the difference between an inspector and your energy auditor, and why should I pay for an energy audit?

A) While a home inspector may do a couple of the things an energy auditor does, only an energy auditor can tell you exactly what's wrong with your home or building with the details needed to help you improve comfort and lower your energy bills.

10. Energy Monitor: Q) What does your energy monitor do?

A) Our energy monitor allows you to track what electricity your major appliances, heating, and cooling use in real-time, on your smartphone or device. This use can show what items are costing you the most each month, allowing you to make changes to save on your energy bills.

11. Energy Monitor: Q) You say that an electrician is needed for install, but I'm a DIY person - is an electrician required to purchase and install the energy monitor product?

A) We do not require, but highly recommend, an electrician installs your energy monitor, due to safety reasons. Electrical panels are very dangerous, and can cause serious bodily harm and death if not handled correctly. Installation takes less than an hour, so hiring an electrician is affordable and keeps everyone safe.

12. Energy Monitor: Q) I have a problem/question about my new energy monitor, who do I contact?

A) Emporia makes the energy monitor product that we use, and this is their contact page web address: https://emporiaenergy.com/contact/. That said, you can message us via LiveChat on our FAQ page, and we will help you with whatever problem or question that you have about the product or what to do with the information it provides.

13. Pricing: Q) You state that pricing is valid only up to 3500 sq. ft. - what is the pricing for a larger building?

A) Contact us for pricing above 3500 sq. ft. - We want to ensure you get a quality experience, and this allows us to price according to the actual work to be done and get everything taken care of for you.

14. Book Online: Q) I went to book one of your services online, but can't access the customer portal - what do I do?

A) To use our customer portal, you create an account, then click on the service you want to book. There will be an option to book, and after you click to book, you can choose what date/time works best for you from the calendar that pops up. If you have any questions, you can use the LiveChat on our FAQ page, email us at info@retconenergy.com, or call us at (256) 656-7654. We look forward to helping you.

15. COVID-19: Q) I'm worried about people coming to my home/office due to COVID-19 - How do you keep me safe?

A) We follow the COVID-19 guidelines, rules, and regulations, including wearing an N95-compliant mask. Additionally, we can do our Energy Bill Analysis service remotely, so you don't have to worry about in-person physical proximity. Contact us if you want to do our other services and have COVID-19 concerns, and we will work with you on a plan to ensure your safety while providing you a high-quality experience.