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With our bundle you get:

  • $158 Instant Savings! - By bundling you get $1,248 worth of services for just $1,090!
  • Commercial Energy Bill Analysis -After looking at your utility costs and energy usage over 12 consecutive months, we can recommend ways to reduce your electricity, natural gas, propane and water consumption. Our clients typically save $140 in water costs alone.
  • Building Evaluation - We'll walk through your property to assess your appliances, HVAC equipment, electronics and thermostat settings, then recommend changes based on energy usage and building occupancy. Our clients have reported savings of up to 15% on their commercial energy bills.
  • Energy Audit - We'll perform door blower tests, ducting pressure tests and thermal scans to identify areas of significant energy loss, then recommend ways to improve your property's efficiency. Our clients have reported savings of up to 30%.
  • Energy Monitor - We can install an Emporia smart home energy management system, which tracks your electricity use in real time using an app. You can identify energy-saving solutions on your own or ask us for recommendations. Our clients have reported savings of up to 10% after taking steps to reduce their energy consumption.

Scheduling and supplies are limited, so order your bundle today!